The Race Track

The Race Track on Darley Moor Centre is 1.5 miles in length with a minimum width of 10 metres (31 feet) and a maximum width of 12.5 metres (40 feet) with a good quality tarmac surface. It is licenced by the Auto-Cycle Union for Motor Cycle Racing, the MS(UK) for Kart Racing, the BCF for Cycle Racing. It is also used for Duathlon Racing (Running & Cycle races as a joint activity). The local branch of ROSPA also make great use of the track for teaching motor cycle safety for riders of all ages and abilities.

As well as the track there is a Training Centre which will adequately sit 50 people in theatre style for lectures and briefings. There is wi-fi available together with projectors and screens if required.  There is a small kitchen for your use for providing tea and coffee or of course you can always ask the Chequered Flag Café to provide refreshments.

The Training Centre can also be booked for meetings again with or without catering.

Additionally there are a number of smaller offices that can be used for event registrations and results rooms etc.

There is a large of area of grassland that can also be used for various activities including Dog Shows, Agility Shows and Flyball Racing.